Tuesday, November 20, 2012

7 Things You Should Give Up in Order to Finally Become Successful!

Wherever you look, you’ll find people telling you that you are who you are and you need to like yourself. They’ll even say changing your character is a sign of weakness. This is, obviously, untrue. On top of that, there are some things you absolutely have to give up if…

You Really
Want to Be Successful !

Some of those things might be easy to get rid of, others might be hard. I’m going to list them for you here, and I urge you to start working on them now!

1. Give Up Your Need to Be Right

We’re hard wired to think that we have to be right all the time. I mean, think about it. We argue with people over small things even long after the argument itself has lost its meaning, just to prove we’re right. We hold grudges for weeks, months or even years when someone offends us and cherish the thought that…

They’re Wrong and
We’re Right !

You might already realize, however, this kind of a mindset is terribly limiting. What happens when you want to be right all the time is…

You’re Afraid of
Being Wrong !

This, in turn, causes you to be afraid to try new things and miss out on the many opportunities that might lead you…

Straight to Success !

2. Give Up Your Need to Control

There’s only so many things you can get done in a day. Even a very efficient person won’t work better or faster than a team of qualified individuals. That’s why, if you really want to be successful, you have to realize that it’s OK to…

Let People Do
Some of Your Work
for You !

This might cause the work to be a little less than perfect (meaning, not exactly how you’d do it), but it’ll get done and you’ll be able to focus on whatever it is…

You Can’t Outsource !

The one thing to remember is, even if you decide to outsource everything you can think of, there will still be enough work for you, so…

Don’t Be Afraid to
Give Up
Some of that Control !

3. Give Up Your Negativity

If you were to go out and talk to perfect strangers, you’d realize that people in general don’t believe in themselves. They consider themselves to be powerless individuals that are destined to fail. While you can’t control what other people tell you, you should never be…

Towards Yourself !

If you really want something in your life, you have to believe in it, and believe in yourself. If you don’t, you’re never going to see any real success, no matter how hard you try. If you don’t believe yourself, you’ll most likely give up the moment it gets tough, so…

Believe in Yourself !

4. Give Up Your Fears

People naturally fear things that they’ve never tried before. I can promise you that you’re going to have to try a whole lot of new things on your way to success, and that’s why you should never allow fear to creep in. Again, if you have a good plan of action, and you need to try something new, just go for it. Even if you fail, you’ll learn great things in the process and have…

A Much Better Chance
for Success !

5. Give Up Your Excuses

Making excuses is probably the one single thing that annoys me the most. I mean, you have to get something done, it is imperative that you do it, you know you should do it, and you still sit there, justifying to yourself why you can’t do it…
  • …or don’t have time to do it…
  • …or don’t know how to do it…
The truth is, there’s never a good reason for not doing something you know has to be done. Dedication and hard work are the two things that will lead you to success, so…

Just Do it !

When it’s done and out of the way, your work will move on and you’ll be much closer to…

Your Success !

6. Give Up the Past

Most of us have failed in the past. That’s normal. There’s not a single person in this world that is good at everything and never failed. What’s more, a lot of people seem to give up right before they succeed because they feel if they failed some time ago…

They’ll Keep Failing !

What happened in the past really doesn’t matter. The only important thing is here and now, so… give up your past. It might be difficult and take a long time, but once it’s gone…

You’ll Have the Power
You Need to Succeed !

7. Give Up Your Resistance to Change

The older we are, the harder it is for us to change. Have you ever noticed how kids can change pretty much any behaviour they want very, very quickly? It’s because they’re great learners and they don’t have their own agenda. As we get older, pride and limiting beliefs come in and…

We Think
We Always Need
to Be Right !

This limits our ability to change, and without constant change, without constant adjustment based on feedback, it’s literally impossible to succeed. It’s not enough to do what it takes to be successful…

You Also Have to Be
All You Can !

There you have it. The 7 things you should give up in order to become successful. As I told you before, it’ll be easier for you to get rid of some of them and harder to give up others, but I personally believe, you must give all 7 of them up to be…

Successful !

Don’t worry if it takes time. It always does. Just keep working on it and you’ll be fine. Promise.

What Things You Had to Give Up?

Now that you’re done reading, and hopefully decided to implement what I told you, let’s talk about what things you had to give up in your life to become successful.
Go ahead and post them in the comments below. Thanks!
Stay Successful,
The Bad Blogger
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